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Case Study: Top Knot Carpentry

How the EzyLearn online MYOB course helped Sydney bookkeeper, Ellen, improve efficiency and increase productivity


Ellen Toomey is employed in the Accounts Department of Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery, a Sydney company that prides itself on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and finishes in commercial and residential construction. Top Knot employs 8 permanent staff members and 30 regular contractors. Ellen is responsible for all the bookkeeping, including payroll, for which she uses MYOB. Ellen had some knowledge of MYOB prior to completing the EzyLearn Online MYOB Course and was looking to enhance her skills in payroll, invoicing, sales and purchases and more. Using Google, Ellen came across EzyLearn Online Training. “The EzyLearn Online MYOB Course stood out to me,” Ellen says. “It looked reasonable, was reasonably priced, I could do it online and, all and all, it was well suited to what I wanted.”

From Enrolment to Completion — In Just One Week!

Ellen completed the EzyLearn Online MYOB Course — including MYOB Set Up, MYOB Day-to-Day, MYOB Bank Reconciliation and MYOB Payroll — in one week! Not bad going, considering she was working full time. “I actually didn’t need to devote too many hours to complete it this fast,” Ellen admits. “I’ve used MYOB before and was quite familiar with a lot of it. The version I was using was somewhat older than the current one, so I needed to familiarise myself with what was there.” EzyLearn’s Online MYOB Course uses MYOB versions 15 to 19.

Productivity Improvement

Ellen describes her online learning experience as “highly informative” and she found the Knowledge Reviews a great idea. “The importance of being able to assess yourself can’t be overstated,” she observes. “It is the only way to find out what you don’t know.” Ellen believes that doing EzyLearn’s Online MYOB Course has improved her overall efficiency and ability to do her job more productively. Ellen has also become a strong advocate for online learning. “I hadn’t done any online learning before,” she says. “But I would do it again if the assistance that is offered is as easy to get as this one! I had a small problem enrolling and emailed the EzyLearn staff and bingo — an answer came straight back. EzyLearn is highly responsive.”

Self-Paced Learning: No Time Wasting

Ellen found the biggest benefit to be the self-paced aspect of online learning. “If I had to go to, say, TAFE or another institution to do a MYOB course and sit through all the stuff that other people wanted to learn, and that I was already fluent in, it would have been a waste of time.” In this way, online learning is ideal for people with previous knowledge — or absolute beginners who want to go as slowly, or quickly, as they like.

Lifetime Membership

Ellen also liked EzyLearn’s Lifetime Membership offer. “Although it wasn’t a main drawcard in choosing EzyLearn, it certainly seems to represent good value and is definitely an added extra.”   How it Works Enrol Now

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